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El Chaltén, Provincia de Santa Cruz, Argentina.

La Cachaña impresa

La Cachaña impresa

Revista quincenal de distribución gratuita en El Chaltén y Tres Lagos, Prov. de Santa Cruz. Noticias, información y clasificados.

5 de junio de 2013 - Tourism

Autumn Public Transport times - May 2013

All timetables and prices to get to Chaltén. The service to Bariloche, along the Route 40 has finished until next season. Taqsa continues though connecting with Route 3. You can connect with Rio Gallegos and Ushuaia via Calafate.

Access to El Chaltén, the Fitz Roy river bridge

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25 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

Current state of the footpaths of El Chaltén

With the second snowfall of the year falling, it’s highly recommended to be very careful in the footpaths. Low temperatures, possibility of ice, water, mud and also snow. The National Park Visitors Centre of the Northern Area of Glaciares National Park informs the current state of the footpaths.

16 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

15 thousand hectares are donated for the enlarging of the National Park Perito Moreno

Today at 15:45 the donation of 15000 hectares of land from the Estancia (ranch) El Rincón will be signed officially; in order to enlarge the National Park Perito Moreno, located in the north of the Santa Cruz province.

15 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

The APN (National Parks Association) will build refuges in the National Park to boost tourism

The announcements were made by the Manager of the National Park Lanín, Ricardo Rúa, in the province of Neuquén. They were made this Monday, 11th May, in the official ceremony to celebrate the 76th birthday of the National Park Lanín.

15 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

The doors will open to a new natural reserve

In the north of the Province of Santa Cruz, live about 11.350 sea lions, one of the largest colonies in the country. It’s difficult access has permitted the growth of local flora and fauna in its own habitat; which covers an area of 2 thousand hectares.

14 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

Attention due to road conditions at border crossings

Maximum precaution is recommended to all drivers who are planning on going to Chile. There is ice on the roads in the section of Casas Viejas and Dorotea, roads that connect the towns of Río Turbio and 28 de Noviembre with Puerto Natales in Chile.

12 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

Los Glaciares National Park celebrated its 76th Birthday

11th May was Los Glaciares National Park´s Birthday; it was created in 1937. It was created by Resolution along with three other National Parks: Perito Moreno, also located in Santa Cruz Province and Alerces and Lanín National Parks in Neuquén.

10 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

Chile/Argentina border crossing - Autumn Opening times

From the 1st April until the 31st October, there will be new opening times for Customs & Immigration Offices located in the south west of the Province of Santa Cruz that connect with the Magallanes Region and Torres del Paine National Park (Chile).

8 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

The Perito Moreno Glacier has a lift

Today the lift at Perito Moreno glacier will officially start to work. Staff from Alucoinfo, the company that is in charge of charging the Entrance fee to the park, will be in charge of the lift, too. Yesterday it was put into action for more than 90 minutes to check that it was working properly.

2 de mayo de 2013 - Tourism

Opening times and prices to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier

The National Park Los Glaciares Administration informs the public that the opening hours for visiting the Perito Moreno Glacier are: every day from 8.00 to 19.00.

30 de abril de 2013 - Tourism

The international border Portezuelo de la Divisoria has closed

As every year, on the 30th April, the international border "Portezuelo de la Divisoria" closes to the public and next opens on the 1st November. It’s located 5km away from the Gendarmerie Corps "Lago del Desierto" at the Northern point of the lake and permits access between El Chaltén and Villa O´Higgins, Chile.